Anti-Bias Cultural Diversity Training, Consulting
& Curriculum Development

Additional Training Topics

Walking Our Talk:  Preventing Burnout and Vicarious Trauma - 3.5 hours


This training provides an opportunity for service providers to receive some of the care and understanding they give so generously to clients,in a safe and respectful atmosphere that enhances participation and authenticity.  We will discuss the potential for vicarious trauma as a result of working with clients in distress; use various approaches to evaluate stress, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout, and discuss approaches to self-care.  This training is highly interactive and experiential, providing participants with concrete, practical tools to use going forward in order to develop a greater awareness of how stress manifests and how to compassionately care for ourselves when we experience it.

Teen Suicide: Prevention, Detection and Intervention - 6 hours

This interactive training takes on a topic that is overwhelming to many caregivers and service providers: the very real risks of adolescent suicide. The combination of developmental stage, precipitous hormonal changes, and self-esteem extremes put this population at greater risk for suicide than almost any other, yet there are also very concrete and protective ways of providing support to teens who may be at risk for self-harm. By the close of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of adolescent emotional development; potential warning signs of suicide risk; and concrete, practical interventions to provide the best chances for the adolescent’s survival through such a critical and challenging time.

All trainings are eligible for CEC units with NASW approval, and some qualify for diversity-specific training credits.